Infrared Technology Home Inspections "Coming Soon"

Tri State Inspection enjoys being able to provide premiere services to our clients.  That's why we are investing in and building an outstanding Infrared Home Inspection service.  We look forward to being able to launch this system soon.

What is an Infrared Home Inspection

By utilizing a special thermal imaging camera, we can do an analysis on the home you are thinking about purchasing or your current home to help see issues that may arise such as...

Why an Infra-red Inspection may be right for you?

  • Air Leaks in Walls & Windows
  • Moisture problems in roofs or walls
  • Poorly insulated electrical that could cause issues
  • Poor Insulation
  • Energy Deficiencies
  • Pest or Bug Issues

*Please note that though effective, Infrared Home Inspections are not 100% effective.